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Galaxy FM600 A3 / A4 / A5 Paper Folding Machine

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Introducing the FM600 Paper Folding Machine from the Galaxy Professional Series

 Unleash the full potential of your paper folding needs with the versatile FM600 paper folding machine. This dynamic machine is fully customizable, accommodating both standard and custom paper sizes, including A5, A4, and A3. As part of the Galaxy professional series, it is the go-to solution for offices, print shops, and mailing rooms, offering unrivalled folding capabilities.

 The FM600 showcases its flexibility by effortlessly handling a wide range of fold types, including single, letter, zig-zag, gate, double parallel, and fold-out. But it doesn't stop there! The machine allows for further customization, ensuring that your specific folding requirements are met with precision and ease.

 Engineered with efficiency in mind, the FM600 features a friction flat loading feed system, accommodating up to 400 sheets of 80gsm paper. The intuitive fold setup guides simplify the process, enabling smooth operation and consistent, professional results.

 Equipped with a convenient batch counter and an exit conveyor, the FM600 streamlines your workflow and enhances productivity. Say goodbye to manual folding, and embrace the efficiency of the Galaxy Fm600paper folding machine.

Key Features:

- Fully customisable: Accommodates custom sizes and standard paper sizes (A5, A4, and A3)
- Part of the Galaxy professional series: Perfect for offices, print shops, and mailing rooms
- Wide range of fold types: Single, letter, zig-zag, gate, double parallel, fold-out, and more
- Custom folds: Tailor the folds to suit your specific requirements
- Fiction flat loading feed system: Holds up to 400 sheets of 80gsm paper
- Easy fold setup guides: Simplify the setup process for consistent and accurate folding<
- Batch counter and exit conveyor: Streamline workflow and improve efficiency


Suitable For: Mailroom / Print Shop / School 
Paper Size: A3 / A4 / A5
Paper Weight: 70 - 160gsm
Fold Types: Z, Letter, Half, Double Parallel, Engineering and Custom Folds
Cross Fold: Yes
Sheets Per Minute: 117
Sheets Per Hour: 7020
Feed Tray Capacity: 500
Speed Controller: Yes
Piece Counter: Yes - With Batch Count
Feed Type: Friction
Hand or Automatic Feed: Automatic
Tyres: 3 x 15mm
Multiple Sheets (AKA Manual Bypass): No
Conveyor for Exiting Paper: Yes
Auto Shut Off: Yes
Jam Detect: Yes with Error Codes
Reload Whilst Running: No
Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 610 x 580 x 450
Weight (Kg): 30
Extended Warranty Maintenance Available: Yes - Available

Warranty Information

12 Months Back-to-Base, Onsite Available

Additional Details





Easy-Peasy Setup

No need to be a folding expert. The fold setup guides are super intuitive, so you'll be cranking out perfectly folded documents in no time.

Michael Clark

Load It Up:

Forget about hand folding! With its mega 400-sheet, you'll be folding stacks of paper without breaking a sweat.

Lily Scott

Great Machine

Delivered the next day. Great machine east to set up. starting folding our campaign in minutes

Mark Silton


Rocking the Paper Folding Game with the FM600!

So, our friends at The print shop were drowning in paper-folding chaos. They had all these fancy requests for different folds and sizes, and the manual folding party wasn't cutting it.

Deadlines were breathing down their necks, and they needed a superhero – enter the FM600 Paper Folding Machine.

The Challenge: 

Fold Variety Galore:
   - Custom folds and different paper sizes (A5, A4, A3) were driving our print pals crazy.

Slow Lane Productivity:
   - Manual folding was like walking in slow motion – not great when you're on a tight schedule.

Consistency Conundrum:
   - Every fold was a gamble, and the print shop wanted a surefire way to deliver consistent, professional results.

Cue the FM600 Entrance:

Our print shop buddies decided to kick manual folding to the curb and bring in the FM600 to steal the show.

Party Features:
Flexibility on Fleek:
   - Handling custom and standard sizes like a champ – A5, A4, A3, you name it, the FM600 was up for the challenge.

Fold Fiesta:
   - From single to zig-zag, the FM600 was the folding DJ, spinning out all kinds of folds to keep the party going.

DIY Folds:
   - The customisation feature let our print pals create folds that were as unique as their clients. It was like personalised folding magic.

Operation Dancefloor and Results:

Efficiency Overhaul:

The FM600 took over the dancefloor with its friction flat loading feed system, handling 400 sheets of 80gsm paper like a boss.
Foolproof Folds:

Intuitive fold setup guides made sure everyone, from the newbie to the seasoned pro, could hit the right moves for consistent and accurate folds.
Workflow Jam:

With a batch counter and an exit conveyor, the FM600 turned the workflow into a jam session, no more bottlenecks, just smooth moves.

Productivity Boost:

The FM600 cranked up the print shop's productivity, handling more folding tasks in less time.
Consistent Coolness:

Every fold was now a rockstar, meeting the high standards of professionalism that clients expected.
Happy Clients, Happy Dance:

Faster turnarounds, personalised folds, and consistently awesome results made clients do the happy dance.
Conclusion: The FM600 Paper Folding Machine wasn't just a machine; it was the print shop's new best friend. It tackled their folding challenges, cranked up the efficiency, and turned every project into a folding fiesta. The FM600 – the hero the print shop never knew they needed!

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Easy-Peasy Setup

    Published by Michael Clark on 8th Dec 2023

    No need to be a folding expert. The fold setup guides are super intuitive, so you'll be cranking out perfectly folded documents in no time.

  • 5
    Great Machine.

    Published by Mark Silton on 20th Jun 2023

    Delivered the next day. Great machine easy to set up. Started folding our campaign in minutes.

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