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Creasing and Perforating Machines

Welcome to Galaxy Print Finishing, the ultimate destination for all your card creasing and perforating machine needs, featuring a comprehensive range of manual and automatic card creasing  and perforating machines. Whether you're creating cards, brochures, booklets, tickets, or any other documents that require precise creasing or perforating, our machines are designed to provide a professional and high-quality finish.

Experience Flawless Folds with Card Creasing Machines Our card creasing machines are the perfect solution for achieving clean and precise folds without cracking or damaging the toner on digitally printed media. Whether you're working with thick cardstock or delicate paper, our machines ensure consistent and flawless results every time. By eliminating manual folding, our creasing machines not only save time but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your finished products.

Perforate with Perfection  If you need to perforate tickets, coupons, or any other documents, our creasing machines also offer perforating capabilities. With minimal setup and simple operation, you can effortlessly create professional-looking perforations that tear cleanly and precisely. Our perforating feature ensures that your documents are not only visually appealing but also easy to separate when needed.

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