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Wire Binding Machines

Welcome to Galaxy Print Finishing, where we offer a range of Wire Binding Machines to suit your binding needs. Our machines come in different sizes, with the main distinction being the capacity to bind varying numbers of sheets in one document.

3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machines (3 holes per inch)  Our 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machines are highly popular for binding smaller-sized documents. Also referred to as 34 Ring Wire Binding or Twin Loop Binding, these machines can bind from 5 to 120 pages of 80 gsm paper. They punch holes in a 3:1 Pitch or 34 holes on each page. Whether you need to bind reports, presentations, booklets, or other compact documents, our 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machines offer a reliable and efficient solution.

2:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machines (2 holes per inch)  If you have larger-sized documents to bind, our 2:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machines are the ideal choice. These machines, also known as 23 Ring Wire Binding, are perfect for binding documents ranging from 120 to 220 pages of 80 gsm paper. They punch holes in a 2:1 Pitch or 23 holes on each page. When you need to bind thick manuals, catalogs, or extensive reports, our 2:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machines deliver the performance and durability you require.

Worldwide Delivery and Exceptional Support We are proud to offer worldwide delivery of our Wire Binding Machines, ensuring that customers from all corners of the globe can benefit from our reliable binding solutions. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available to assist you every step of the way, providing guidance, answering your queries, and ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience.

Tell Us About Your Project  What are you making? What is your project? Our live chat feature is available below for immediate assistance, or you can reach out to us through our Contact page. Let us know your requirements, and we will be delighted to discuss how our Wire Binding Machines can meet your specific needs. With our range of machines and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are here to assist you in achieving professional and secure document binding. Contact us now to explore the possibilities.

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