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Wire Binding Machines

Our range of Wire Binding Machines can come in a range of different sizes. The main difference between models relates to how many sheets of paper can be bound in one document. 

3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machines (3 holes per inch)
This is the most popular wire binding type, used to bind smaller sized documents. Known as 34 Ring Wire Binding or Twin Loop Binding. This binds from 5 to 120 pages of 80 gsm paper and punches holes in a 3:1 Pitch or 34 holes on the page.


2:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machines (2 holes per inch)
These wire binding machines are ideal for binding larger sized documents. Also known as 23 Ring Wire Binding they are perfect for binding from 120 to 220 pages of 80 gsm paper and punch holes in a 2:1 Pitch or 23 holes on the page.

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