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Galaxy A4 Automatic Business Card Cutter

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Introducing the Galaxy Pro Business Card Cutter, the ultimate solution for producing professional-quality business cards, flyers, tickets, and postcards. This versatile machine is designed to handle thicker cards and laminated materials with ease, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The Galaxy Pro Business Card Cutter simplifies the cutting process by automatically feeding the stock into the machine. It cuts both horizontally and vertically in a single precise motion, ensuring clean and accurate cuts every time. With depth control and fine adjustment options on both the front and side, you have full control over the cutting process, allowing you to achieve perfect results.

Equipped with a large waste/storage cabinet, this machine keeps your workspace tidy and organised. The cabinet conveniently collects the waste from the cutting process, making cleanup hassle-free.

The Galaxy Pro Business Card Cutter offers six different card sizes to choose from through the user-friendly digital screen menu. Whether you need standard-sized business cards (85mm x 45mm, 85mm x 50mm, 85mm x 54mm) or larger cards for specific purposes (85mm x 95mm, 85mm x 127mm), this machine has you covered.

Key Specifications:
- Maximum Sheet Size: A4
- Minimum/Maximum Sheet Thickness: 180gsm - 350gsm (A4-I model supports laminated sheets with up to 40um laminate per side)
- Cutting Speed: 30 cards per minute
- Longitudinal Cut Sizes (fixed): 85mm, (89mm and 90mm are optional please contact for more details)
- Lateral Maximum Cut Sizes: 45mm, 50mm, 54mm, 95mm, or 127mm
- Maximum Feed Stack: 8mm
- Cross-cut Precision: 0.1mm
- Waste Collection: Yes

The Galaxy Pro Business Card Cutter combines precision, versatility, and efficiency to elevate your card cutting process. Say goodbye to manual cutting and embrace the convenience and professional results offered by this advanced machine.

Invest in the Galaxy Pro Business Card Cutter today and experience a seamless cutting experience, allowing you to produce high-quality business cards, flyers, tickets, and postcards effortlessly.


Cut Sizes 85x45, 85x50, 85x54, 85x90, 85x95, 85x127
Theme Shape: Rectangle
Operation: Automatic
Paper Size: A4 (297mm x 110mm)
Paper Weight: 180 - 350 gsm
Cutting Speed 30 cards Per min (85 x 54 size)
Weight 20 Kg
Size W x H X L 511mm x 325mm x 590mm x

Warranty Information

12 months

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Highly recommend for Cards

Works great easy to change the sizes of the card to be cut with a press of a button, didn't have to remove the blades etc. We use 300gsm and cut simple 85 x 54 business cards and all seems to work well after 3 weeks. Very good price all I could find was really expensive machines over £6k, so really happy for something that is automated.

Saves time

Great machine saved me time and easy to use. Great technical help and guidance from the team.

Colin Porter

Business Card Cutter

Havnt got around to using this yet but all the testing seems to point towards it being a very useful machine for us. Had some issues with it at the start, gave them a ring and there engineer was extreamly helpful.

Clifton Colour

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