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Paper Shredder Lube / Oil for Cross Cut & Strip Cut Paper Shredders

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Universal paper shredder oil, suitable for both cross-cut and strip-cut paper shredders.

This is the same oil-based (non-aerosol) cutter lubricant that's supplied by brands including Fellowes, Rexel / GBC and Swordfish.

You should only use a specifically designed paper shredder oil to lubricate your paper shredder. This oil is designed to lubricate precision heat treated shredder cylinders and any other lubricant or oil will void the manufacturer's warranty. So don't use WD-40 or similar to oil your paper shredder as these oils may not have the correct lubricating characteristics or worse still, some oils may be flammable.

You should oil your cross-cut shredder on a regular basis. If you are shredding a small quantity such as only 50 sheets a week or if you are using a small shredder, then you should oil your shredder every other day. If you are shredding a large quantity such as hundreds of sheets, then oil after 30 minutes of usage or after you empty the bag.

Shredding produces a surprising amount of paper dust which builds up inside the cutting assembly. Without frequent oiling, the accumulated sediment compacts into hard lumps like cement, putting a strain on the overall cutters, motor, gears and bearings. Failing to oil your shredder will inevitably reduce its lifetime.

How do you know when your shredder needs oiling?

You should oil your shredder on a regular basis and not wait for warning signs. How often you need to oil your shredder depends on the make and type of shredder, but a good routine in every time you empty the wastebasket.

Cross cut shredders must be oiled more frequently than strip cut shredders and as a general rule, the smaller the particle size, the more oiling is required.

The following are indicators that oiling your shredder is overdue and it should be oiled immediately:

Decreased performance

Not operating at specified sheet limit

Frequent jamming

Shredder stops running

Motor sounds different

In the case of the above, a double application of oil is advised, but in all likelihood, some damage will have already been done.

Directions of use:

1. The first way to oil your shredder is to slowly pour the paper shredder oil into the opening and onto the cutting heads. Take 1-2 seconds to oil from one side of the opening to the other. Turn the machine in reverse for about 10-15 seconds to allow the oil to transfer to all parts of the cutting head. The final step is to shred a few sheets of paper to remove any excess oil.

2. Alternatively simply spread a small amount of shredder oil onto a piece of paper in a zig-zag type motion. Make sure that you spread the oil over the entire sheet. (NOTE: you don't need to soak the paper in oil, just ensure total and even coverage.) Feed this sheet through the shredder and then operate the machine in the reverse mode for a few seconds. This will make sure the oil is dispersed throughout the shredders cutting cylinders. The final step is to shred a few sheets of paper to remove any excess oil. You may want to repeat this procedure depending on the results It is recommended for up to three applications to be assured of thorough oiling.

Start oiling your paper shredder now. The shredder will run smoother, faster, and put less strain on the overall motor, gears, and bearings

Why should I oil my paper shredder?

As with all types of machinery, paper shredders will not operate efficiently unless properly maintained. The most effective way to care for your shredder is to oil it regularly.


Liquid Composition: Heat Resistant Non-synthetic Oil
Uses: Lubrication for paper-shredder cutters
Bottle / Can Type: HDPE
Flammable: Very high smoke & burning point

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1 Review

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    Shredder Oil

    Published by Ken Rich on 29th Mar 2021

    The oil seems to do its job, since using it the shredder has worked much quieter and smoother. It would be more useful if the bottle had a spout so it could be used directly from the bottle.

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