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Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Wipes

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Each individual wipe is 18 x 10 cm in size (once unwrapped) and is impregnated with isopropyl alcohol.
Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is the solvent of choice for the final preparation, cleaning and degreasing of all substrates prior to adhesive bonding.
In addition, it is useful for the cleaning up of many uncured adhesives, sealants and resins.

  • Chemical name: PROPAN-2-OL.
  • CAS No: 67-63-0.
  • EU No: 200-661-9.
  • UN: 1219.
  • BNO: 2512HAD.

  • Here are some common cleaning uses for this IPA:
  • Digital printers and print heads.
  • Tape recorder heads.
  • Printed circuit boards.
  • Connectors and gold fingers.
  • Microwave and telephone circuitry, mobile telephones.
  • Data processors, computers, photocopiers and office equipment.
  • LCD panels.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Relays.
  • Flux cleaning and removal of light oils, polar soils, dirt, inks and oxides. Safe on plastics.
  • Optics and fibre optics, fibre optic connectors.
  • Phonograph records, vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs.
  • Photographic negatives and slides.
  • Glass.
  • Preparation of metal and composite surfaces prior to painting.

  • Specifications:

    Liquid Composition: Felt Cloth Soaked Isopropyl In Airtight Blister Sachet
    Uses: Same as 99% isopropyl alcohol but in convenient form
    Bottle / Can Type: Blister Sachet
    Flammable: Yes

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