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Galaxy 24/6 Premium Machine Staples 1000pcs for Galaxy Bookit, Bookit Pro, Hu-Go & VR-930

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Introducing our premium quality 24/6 machine staples designed specifically for hand-operated and semi-automatic book makers. These staples are the pinnacle of reliability and performance, offering a range of benefits that ensure smooth and efficient operation of your book stapler.

When you choose our 24/6 machine staples, you can expect:

1. Smooth and reliable operation: Our staples are engineered to deliver consistent and hassle-free stapling. They glide through paper effortlessly, preventing jams and ensuring a seamless stapling experience.

2. Enhanced durability: Unlike standard office staples, our high-quality staples are built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty stapling. By using these staples, you can minimize wear and tear on staple heads, thus extending their working life and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

3. Increased stapling capacity: Our strong and sturdy staples enable you to achieve a higher stapling capacity compared to lesser-quality alternatives. For example, you can confidently staple up to 14 sheets of 70gsm paper with our staples, whereas standard staples may be limited to only 10 sheets. This increased capacity enhances your productivity and efficiency.

4. Compliance with warranty requirements: Many machine warranties stipulate the use of high-quality staples to ensure optimal performance and prevent damage to the equipment. Our 24/6 machine staples meet the stringent quality standards demanded by machine manufacturers, ensuring that you remain in compliance with warranty guidelines.

These exceptional staples are perfectly compatible with a range of popular book maker models, including:

- Galaxy Bookit
- Galaxy Bookit Pro
- Duplo Ideal Bookmate
- Martin Yale BM101
- Duplo Ideal Bookmate Pro
- Hu-Go 110 Stapler
- Hu-Go 130 Stapler

Trust the reliability and performance of our premium 24/6 machine staples to elevate your book making operations. Experience the difference in quality and efficiency when you choose our staples for your stapling needs.

Browse our selection of 24/6 machine staples and enjoy the benefits of superior stapling performance. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our dedicated team is ready to help. Partner with Galaxy Print Finishing for the finest staples in the industry.

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