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Productivity and success of a Christmas card business.

Productivity and success of a Christmas card business.

13th Dec 2023

Streamlining Christmas Card Production 

Festive Creations is a small, family-owned business specialising in personalised Christmas cards.

The company has been experiencing increased demand during the Christmas season, leading to challenges in meeting customer expectations and maintaining product quality.



The manual creasing process was time-consuming, leading to production bottlenecks, inconsistent creases, and a struggle to keep up with rising customer orders. Festive Creations needed a solution to enhance productivity without compromising the quality of their handmade Christmas cards.

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In response to these challenges, Festive Creations invested in the Galaxy icap 350 Air card creasing machine. The machine was chosen for its speed, versatility, efficiency, and ability to handle various card sizes and types of paper, aligning with the diverse preferences of their customer base.

The card creasing machine was integrated into Festive Creations' production line. Staff received training on operating the machine, and the transition from slower semi automatic to full automted creasing was carefully managed to minimise disruptions.


The card creasing machine significantly reduced the time required for creasing, allowing Festive Creations to process a higher volume of Christmas cards in a shorter timeframe.

Consistent and Professional Quality
   The machine ensured precise and consistent creases on every card, eliminating variations seen with manual creasing. This led to an improvement in the overall quality of the Christmas cards.

Expanded Product Line
   The versatility of the machine enabled Festive Creations to offer a broader range of card sizes and paper types, catering to diverse customer preferences and expanding their product line.

Scalability and Meeting Demand
   Festive Creations was able to scale up production during the holiday season, meeting increased demand without compromising on the quality or timely delivery of their Christmas cards.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
   The professional appearance and timely delivery of high-quality Christmas cards resulted in increased customer satisfaction. Positive feedback and word-of-mouth referrals contributed to a growing customer base.

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"Improving production efficiency, maintaining consistent quality"

  While there was an initial investment in the card creasing machine, Festive Creations experienced long-term cost savings through reduced labor costs, increased productivity, and minimised waste.

The implementation of the Galaxy iCap 350 card creasing machine proved to be a strategic move for Festive Creations. By improving production efficiency, maintaining consistent quality, and meeting customer demand during peak seasons, the company not only enhanced its operational capabilities but also positioned itself for sustainable growth in the competitive Christmas card market.


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