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How Galaxy Folder Inserter Machine's could save Christmas!

How Galaxy Folder Inserter Machine's could save Christmas!

18th Dec 2023

 In the heart of the North Pole, where the snow glistens and the magic of Christmas fills the air, Santa Claus and his team of industrious elves work tirelessly to make the holiday season enchanting for children around the world. 

In this blog, we explore how father Christmas could revolutionise his workshop by incorporating Galaxy Print Finishing's cutting-edge letter opening and folder inserter machines, making the process of managing wish lists and replying to good children more efficient than ever. 

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So, how's he gonna do it? Brace yourselves for the scoop on letter opening and folder inserter machines!


Picture this,  Santa, buried under a mountain of letters from excited kids. It's a jolly mess! Manually opening and reading each letter? Totally old-school. So, our man in red decides it's time for a North Pole tech revolution.  Ho-Ho-High Tech!


Enter the Galaxy letter opening machine, a slick gadget that zooms through opening envelopes like Rudolph on Christmas Eve. No more elbow-deep in letters for the elves. This gizmo gets the job done pronto, freeing up time for Santa and his helpers to spread more holiday cheer. 

 With the letter opening machine doing its thing, the workshop turns into a festive beehive. Elves who used to wrestle with envelopes are now on gift-prep duty, and the North Pole is buzzing with newfound productivity. It's like the Christmas version of Santa's little workshop on steroids! 

The Magic Touch But Santa isn't stopping there. He's got another trick up his fluffy red sleeve—the Galaxy folder inserter machine. This bad boy folds letters, slips them into pre-addressed envelopes, and seals them with a dash of North Pole magic. 

Santa's Workshop 2.0 With these tech wonders at play, Santa's workshop undergoes a major glow-up. Galaxy Letter opening and folder inserter machines turn the workshop into an efficiency powerhouse without losing an ounce of Christmas magic.

The daunting task of handling a gazillion letters? Nailed it. Now Santa and his squad can focus on what matters—spreading joy, making dreams come true, and maybe squeezing in a dance-off with the reindeer. 


The North Pole is ready to deliver a Christmas that's not just ho-ho-ho, but also whoa-whoa-wow!


Merry Christmas from all the team at 


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