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Saving Time Folding Letters and Post with the New 2021 Galaxy Folder Inserter Range Machine

Saving Time Folding Letters and Post with the New 2021 Galaxy Folder Inserter Range Machine

Published by Paul - Service Manager on 6th Dec 2021

Folding your letters and producing your post within a growing competitive environment, companies are under extreme pressure to consistently deliver an optimal client experience. Ensuring every customer’s mailing contains the correct documents is more essential than ever.

By pairing folder inserters with process automation and experience tools, your business can intelligently connect with customers. Gain tremendous advantages in your mailing and communications operations:

  1. Mail documents faster
    Assemble invoices, statements, and marketing materials in under an hour. Fold, sort, stuff, and seal envelopes and get the mail out much faster (and invoices get paid sooner). Free up employee schedules to have more time to spend on other important projects.
  2. Fold any type of mail
    Folder inserters handle all common types of envelopes and a wide range of papers and document folds. We will test your specific mail on a Folding machine machine before purchase to ensure the mail you send processes perfectly.
  3. Stuff and seal thousands of envelopes an hour
    Folder inserters have multiple paper feeders and envelope stackers that automatically adjust, giving you the ability to program a job and spend time on other tasks while the mailing is completed.
  4. Save hours every week
    Time is a commodity for every business. Employees carry greater workloads, extra responsibilities, and time-intensive tasks, such as mailings. A small business can save up to 8 hours a week by processing mail with a folder inserter.
  5. Save money on every mailing
    A folding inserter offers a great return on investment, saving hundreds of dollars in productivity and labor costs each month.

Well the new folder inserter range has arrived with new and updated futures still using all the great features as previous machines and with added extras see here for more information.

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